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I am a smart, beautiful, successful Belizean creole. I was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada and now call Scarborough, Ontario, Canada home. I am mixed with african, indian, scottish and who knows what else. July 2008 I decided to go permanently natural. Beside my obsession with my natural hair, I am a hand knit and crochet artist. I am passionate about Jesus and I love to run, walk, yoga, read, crossword puzzles, news and sports. While visiting, stop by my Etsy shops www.etsy.com/shop/dylanadesigns and www.etsy.com/shop/thejoyofknitting

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working on a New Afghan

This is a new afghan order I am working on for a client. I am working hard to have it completed by end of January.  It's made in baby colours for an adult. It will be in Northern Worsted by Kertzer using Baby Girl Pink, Baby Boy Blue, Wisteria and White. Yarn for Afghan available here.. This the the softest acrylic yarn ever and so easy to care for. I will post the pics as I complete each section. 

Here are the first pics:

A variation of a Granny square...

finished with the baby girl

onto the baby boy

I love to crochet

I wanted to add a few extra pics to let u'all see where I am with this afghan.  So here goes. Once the purple is completed afghan should be at least 50" x 50"

I finished the afghan for my friend just in time for Valentines Day in order for him to give to his girlfriend as a gift.  Here are the final picures.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Product Review - Avon Techniques Shine Treatment for all hair types...

My oh my, I have not written about my natural hair in a minute.  I want to take this time today to write about my natural hair.

I am not fussy about my hair, I am willing to try anything at least once, I am not really a product junkie as such and I try not to spend too much money on hair products.

My hair regime is simple.  I use natural stuff to deep condition and I do this at least once a month.  Honey, shea butter, natural coconut oil mixed all together and applied to my hair.  I then wear a plastic shower cap for at least a day.  If I need to face the public in that 24 hours, I wear one of my knitted or crochet hats Dylana Designs .  After I wash out and style as usual. For my weekly hair upkeep I use Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (HEHH) to wash and shampoo my hair, I wash and rinse and then condition and rinse with HEHH.  My routine is either wash and go, twists, roller set or straighten (which I do maybe 3 times a year). I use a little HEHH with shea oil or coconut oil while my hair is wet.  I only add products to my hair when it's wet.  I wash my hair once or twice a week depending on how it look and feel.  I realize something early on when I went natural; natural hair must not be fussed with.  It needs as little harassing as possible for it to look beautiful and to grow in leaps and bounds.

I am not doing an ad for Avon here, my intent was to share with my natural hair girlies my review of Avon Techniques Shine Treatment for all hair types. I used it after I did my condition condition process and although the directions said to wash out after 1 to 3 minutes I left it in my hair and did a twist.  Today is day two and I took out my twists and I love the touch and feel of my hair it is incredible.  For only $3.99 my hair is fabulous.

Winner of $25.00 Gift Certificate

Winner of CSN Stores $25.00 Gift Certificate is Karen H for commenting on how much she liked my booties.

Thanks for playing along Karen.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Knitting Wear is great in Florida...

I have a $25.00 gift certificate from CSN Stores to give to one lucky reader of my blog modern dining room furniture . CSN is a fabulous store that has over 200+ online stores where you can find everything from stylish modern dining room furniture to cute cookware, chic lighting pieces, baby gear, luxury items, lighting, luggage, toys and much, much, more! Read my blog and leave a comment and I will enter you into the draw that will take place on Sunday at 1pm before the football game.

Winter Wear Dylana Designs
Knit or Crochet it Yourself The Joy of Knitting

Whoever said that people in Florida do not wear Winter Wear is so wrong!  I was in Florida for a week in early December and guess what it was cold, cold, cold and some days freezing cold.  Don't get me wrong I am climatize and the cold is something I have become personally aware of after living over 25 years in Canada.  I ended up making a full hat, scarf and mitt set for my niece Ms. Chloe.  I wore my wool hat almost every time I went out and if I did not wear my winter wear to attend the Jags game my ears would have been frozen.

Winter jackets, hats and scarf in Florida. Getting ready for Jaguars game.

My niece Ms. Chloe in her backyard in Florida wearing Hat, Scarf and Mitts.

My sis Lyn wearing her scarf today as Jax is 52 degrees.

Winter Wear Dylana Designs
Knit or Crochet it Yourself The Joy of Knitting