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I am a smart, beautiful, successful Belizean creole. I was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada and now call Scarborough, Ontario, Canada home. I am mixed with african, indian, scottish and who knows what else. July 2008 I decided to go permanently natural. Beside my obsession with my natural hair, I am a hand knit and crochet artist. I am passionate about Jesus and I love to run, walk, yoga, read, crossword puzzles, news and sports. While visiting, stop by my Etsy shops www.etsy.com/shop/dylanadesigns and www.etsy.com/shop/thejoyofknitting

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why I L.O.V.E. my business...

For the first time since starting my business I decided last year to really take a good look at my business for what is was and is. I went full throttle into it with my eyes wide open. I had to put into perspective exactly where I wanted my business to be three to five years down the road. While it's no walk in the park I must admit that I am totally enjoying this journey. I would love to share a few things I learned along the way with you:

1. Be a joyful business owner and have fun running your business. You are everything to your business, the manager, assistant, accountant, shipper, etc. Don't stress about the small stuff with every new day there will be new challenges so roll with the punches.

2. Listen to your clients! (don't take them for granted)

3. Try everything once! (sometimes the same things that you think will not work surprise you; always be ready to reinvent your business again and again)

4. Listen, listen, listen to advice from other people even those who do not have a business; remember they are looking at your business from a consumer standpoint.

5. Be true to yourself and your product/service. Meaning stick to good ethics and your vision, mission and policies when it comes to doing business, people will respect you more.

6. The most effective marketing for my business is talking to everyone and anyone about what I do.  It has gotten me so much sales and referrals sometimes I cannot keep up.

I always remind myself that I was creative and artistic before I turned my passion into a business and when things are not going perfectly or sales are slow.  I come back to homebase, sit down, relax and start a project and I fall in love all over again...