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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and my wish is to donate $500.00 to the Canadian Cancer Society by making as much PINK Handwarmers as I need to crochet.

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I will dedicate as much time as I can to promote a PINK item from my shop to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

 Let me tell you a true story:

When I first got diagnosed with RPS Sarcoma, 8 years ago.  Carlos worked with a guy and when Carlos told him about me, he told Carlos to come over on Friday and hang out with my wife and I. We not knowing at the time that his wife had been battling breast cancer for a couple years.  She greeted me with the biggest hug and kiss and I immediately felt that I had known her forever.  Over the course of the next six months we met with this wonderful couple and a few other occasions and no matter how sick she felt you would never know it because she was always bubbly and hugging and kissing and had the biggest smile ever for us. She told us she was in remission and was getting ready to have reconstructive surgery due to her double mastectomy. We got the call on a Monday to say she had passed away.  Apparently she was not feeling well the Sunday morning when she got up and had a scheduled CT-scan at the hospital and decided to go early with her family tagging along.  She felt so sick in the hospital waiting to be called for her appointment, When he asked that a doctor come out and look after her. The doctor had her wheeled into the ER.  After almost an hour the doctor came out to tell him and their two young girls that she did not make it.  You see I am not sure when her cancer came back and how bad it was but I know that is what ended her life. I want you to realize that SHE is the one that made me feel that I will live another day and that no matter how bad you think you have it that there is always someone who need your help! Her bright smile and loving arms was just what I needed when I saw her and she made me feel that nothing was impossible and that things will surely get better. (I did not use my friends names to protect their privacy but they know who they are)

I believe that with the love of God and my family and friends I have survived to walk in the land of the living for many more years. And when I work hard to contribute to a cause I truly believe in it's because of HER that I know I can do it!

Please share this with all your loved ones, I am looking forward to making as much handwarmers as I need to make to reach my goal.

Link to Women Handwarners: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/164923111/women-crochet-handwarmers-breast-cancer?ref=shop_home_active

Link to Child/Girls Handwarmers: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/164923171/child-crochet-handwarmers-breast-cancer?ref=shop_home_active

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My recent journey...

I am really terrible at blogging and I would start writing something and then never compete it.  What a year it's been for me so far.  I celebrated a milestone birthday. Yes I turned 50!!!!!

Thank GOD for wonderful gifts.  God gave me the gift of needlework.  I have been doing this work for the last 45 years of my life.  I am at that time in my life when beside the love of God and my family and friends and this gift there is nothing else that is keeping me alive right now.

Please take sometime to ready my story below and to comment. I would really appreciate it.

Back in March I knew from my surgeon that I would need additional surgery to fix a problem that have been plaguing me since I had cancer 8 years ago, I really had my doubts, first of all I was no spring chicken, getting older meant a longer time to heal that was bothering me quite a bit.  I said this much to my surgeon and family doctor when I saw them a week prior to my surgery.

On May 24 I had the surgery and was doing well I thought and would have bounced back sooner rather than later.  I had my first follow-up with the surgeon a month later and I was on track to return to work in mid-August. On July 2 I started to get cold sweats and my stomach started aching. In about a couple hours I started throwing up and could not seem to stop.  My daughter Gillian rushed me to emergency when she saw the place where I had surgery bulged out to at least 3 inches.  I was going through excruciating pain and really saw my life flashed in front of my eyes.  The pain was horrible and I was ready and willing to meet my maker. I definitely knew that in heaven there would be no pain and suffering.  After rolling around on a bed outside of the emergency area for what seems like an eternity, my son Amir finally went into the emergency room area and said "I want someone to see my Mom right now as she is crying and in a lot of pain and in all my life I have never seen her like this". They told him to get a wheelchair and bring me in and I might have some luck in seeing a doctor sooner.  A nurse came to my rescue and started morphine drips in order to alleviate the pain but that was not helping at all.  She then ordered an x-ray and CT Scan and the pain was so unbearable I could not even remember how I managed to do these things. Just when I thought things could not get much worse she came in to put a tube down my nose to me stomach and as it was explained to me to stop me from vomiting and empty the contents of my stomach into a bag that was attached.  arghhhh!!!! The surgeon finally showed up about six hours later to let me know on no uncertain terms that I would need surgery to save my life. At this time all I was thinking was "how soon can you go this"? he said if all the swelling did not go down by the following day he would do surgery before evening.  Well the swelling did not go down and on July 3 he performed surgery.  I just past the two month mark for both surgeries and I am a bit frustrated as I am still in pain and I just want to be able to do some simple things that I am not able to do as yet.  I do a little more each and and do know that God is good all the time and does not give me more than I can handle and I am here to live another day with all the earthwalkers. I am sharing this story as I want to let you understand that there is nothing we can do to please GOD, he does what he does through his GRACE for us and all we need to do is have FAITH.

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